To Use Vibrato or Not to use Vibrato...that is the question! Print
Written by Steve Edwards   
Sunday, 08 January 2012 09:10
  • Avoid using vibrato during sectional playing
  • Vibrato should never be used to cover up intonation problems
  • The style of vibrato employed must be sensitive to that of the music. 
  • Lyrical solos can sometimes benefit from the use of vibrato.
  • One particularly effective technique during solos is to add a little vibrato only after reaching a long note and playing it straight for a short moment. The opposite also works if a diminuendo is indicated
Generally, vibrato is most appropriate for the instruments in the wind band except for Clarinet, and French Horn. It can be appropriate for a jazz clarinetist however. 
Many Trumpet and Trombone players use hand vibrato. There are many arguments for and against this use of vibrato versus lip, diaphragm or jaw vibrato but the important thing is that the pitch NOT vary too much.
Speak to your private teacher and begin to experiment with the use of vibrato in your music rehearsal. Vibrato can add a level of maturity to your sound and emotion to the music.
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