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    The Falmouth Band Parents Organization exists to provide support for the members of the Falmouth Public Schools Symphony Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Strings, Marching Band and Color Guard- both students and their families. It allows for student members and their families to communicate with the band director and each other.

    Annual fundraisers are held to assist the program needs. Our organization is always looking for new fundraising ideas, grant ideas, donations and benefactors.

    Please email Steven Edwards at [email protected] should you have any questions regarding courses. Please contact Christine Lanoue at or our general mailbox at  if you are interested in assisting our cause of you would like more information. 

    Thank you for your continued support of instrumental music.  We are keeping music alive in our schools!!!

    Christine Lanoue, President

    Falmouth Band Parents Association 
    PO Box 196
    Falmouth, MA 02541
    We are a 501C-3 organization!

    Meetings are usually held the second Monday of each month. 7 pm in the FHS Band Room

    These meetings are open to the public. Please come and join in the discussion.  We welcome new input!!!!

    Sunset Cruise - Fundraiser PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Steve Edwards   
    Monday, 12 August 2013 07:12
    All Aboard the Sunset Cruise!
    September 19th - 5-7pm
    Cruise and Dance in Vineyard Sound with live Rock & Jazz performed by the faculty band, Puffy Elvis!

    Delicious appetizers & desserts provided by local restaurants.

    A limited number of tickets are available so email or call to reserve your tickets TODAY!
    $30/person or $100 for 4
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | 508.274.8515

    Proceeds support the instrumental music programs in Falmouth Public Schools. Thank you for your support!
    Congratulations to our Musicians! PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Steve Edwards   
    Tuesday, 23 April 2013 08:48
    73 student musicians from Falmouth High School competed on Friday, April 19th at Festivals of Music in Nashville, TN against six other schools from across the country.
    Ensembles are judged on Overall Tone QualityIntonation both individual and ensemble, Rhythm accuracy, Technique, and Musicality in terms of expression and balance. Each category can earn up to ten points based on more specific details within each category. Two competitive selections are required not including a warm-up selection. Judges then total up the scores and submit a rating. 10-50 points is equal to a rating of "Poor", 60-70 points is equal to a "Fair" rating, 70-80 points is "Good", 80-90 is "Excellence" and 90-100 is given a rating of "Superior". Following the rating, judges compare the scores to the other schools involved in the festival and trophies are awarded. Additionally, "Over-all Best Performance" awards are given to the best ensembles.

    The FHS Symphony Band received a 1st Place trophy and a rating of Good, the Chamber Strings received a 1st Place trophy and a rating of Superior, the Wind Ensemble received a 1st Place trophy and a rating of Excellence and the Jazz Combo received a 1st Place trophy and a rating of Superior. The Jazz Combo and the Wind Ensemble also received "Over-all Best Performance" awards and Sasha Gonye received the "Best Soloist" award for his efforts in the Jazz Combo.

    These three college directors recognized the commitment, dedication and practice efforts of these kids and rewarded them for it. Congratulations to all of the instrumental students that participated in the festival.

    Additionally, a special thank you to the chaperons that escorted our students to and from each destination. Without their commitment and kindness, we could not have had so much fun!
    Make a Donation PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Administrator   
    Friday, 08 October 2010 11:42

    Support the Falmouth Band Parents by making a donation today.

    Donate any dollar amount greater than $1.

    Last Updated on Saturday, 14 July 2012 08:49
    Junior South East District Auditions - Fall 2013 PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Steve Edwards   
    Friday, 01 June 2012 08:19

    Saxophone, Brass, Piano, Guitar, and Bass will play the chosen melody along with CD accompaniment. Students may transpose any portion of the melody either up or down one octave to accommodate range.

    All Jazz Players: Sight Reading
    NOTE: IMPROVISATION IS NOT REQUIRED FOR AUDITION. Students will be assessed and given feedback in this area, however it will not be added into the final tabulation. Improvisation scores may be used to assist the director in assigning parts within the ensemble.  Students will improvise over Aebersold, Vol. 2, "Slow Blues in F"

    Rhythm Section instruments (piano, bass, guitar and vibes) are required to comp/walk from the example listed with CD accompaniment. Comping is described as performing in appropriate rhythmic style to the chord progressions, using a variety of jazz voicings of chords in the progression.

    Scales: All students will play two major scales in keeping with the required list for their instrument, a two octave chromatic scale, and a Bb or F concert Blues Scale. Rhythm section instruments do not have to play a chromatic scale.
    ***Brass players may be asked to demonstrate their range capabilities to help with part assignments.

    Drummers: In addition to the listed performance solo, drummers should prepare 2, 4 and 8 measure solos in a jazz/rock style, a latin/bossa nova style, and swing styles. These pieces should demonstrate technical and musical control of the drum set. Drummers need to bring their own drums, tuned appropriately, and sticks to the audition.

    Other considerations
    Important update for Jr. Jazz: Limit of no more than 3 per instrument and 10 per school for registration on Jr. Jazz

    Students will audition on the same day as Band, Orchestra, and Chorus try-outs. Jazz students may audition for two instrumental ensembles, but must agree that the jazz ensemble will be their preference if accepted.

    Last Updated on Thursday, 13 June 2013 09:26
    Sr. South East Audition Pieces Fall 2013 PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Steve Edwards   
    Friday, 01 June 2012 08:01




    2014 Junior (6-9) Concert Festival/ All-Cape Audition


    • Auditions: Junior Auditions are Sat. Dec. 7th, 2013 at Furnace Brooks MS
    • FestivalJunior Festival March 7& 8, 2014 



    2013-14 Junior Audition Pieces: / *FHS Honors Wind Ensemble Audition Pieces





    Jazz Audition Information

    • Scale Requirements for All Instruments: same as Band and Orch.- (Guitar and Bass will play string bass scales, no chromatic) and all instruments will playBlues Scales in concert Bb,C and F, one octave adding F mixolydian and C dorian
      • Improvisation Requirements: All players, except drums, will be asked to improvise over the changes to "Autumn". 
      • Drummers should prepare 2 minute jazz/rock and swing style solos. These should demonstrate technical and musical control of the drum set.... also 2, 4 and 8 measure solos in rock and swing styles in a variety of tempos and meters.  Drummers are required to bring their own drums to auditions.
      • Piano, Vibes, Guitar and Bass: (a) Comp all Major 7th chords (b) Comp all minor 7th chords (c) Comp all V7 chords (d) Comp all diminished and augmented chords (e) form all 9th chords (f) play and comp a standard blues progression in any of the Jazz Scale required keys. (g) play ii7-V7-I Major 7th chord progressions in all major keys.
    • Rhythm Section Requirements
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Jazz students may audition for another ensemble, with the understanding that if they are accepted in two groups, the only group they may participate in is Jazz.  The other ensemble accepted would be for an All-State Recommendation only.
    Last Updated on Thursday, 13 June 2013 09:25
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