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File Name File Type Description Category Date Added
TheWinner.wma audio/x-ms-wma This is song 3 for the FHS Marching band show podcast 08/14/08
../files/I Have A D-MM.wma audio/x-ms-wma This is song 1 for the FHS Marching band show 2008 podcast 08/14/08
../files/DQueen.wma audio/x-ms-wma This is song 2 for the 2008 FHS marching Band Show podcast 08/14/08
ThingstobringtoMarchingCamp.doc application/msword Make sure you read and bring all necessary items in this document in preparation for Band camp 2008. other 08/06/08
BandCampcoverletter08.doc application/msword Information for Band Camp 2008 other 08/06/08
Thedip.jpg image/jpeg Winter Percussion 04/17/08
Endofshow.jpg image/jpeg End of Winter percussion show 04/17/08
Guard.jpg image/jpeg Winter Percussion Guard 04/17/08
../files/ Winter Percussion Guard 04/17/08
Battery1.jpg image/jpeg 04/17/08
../files/ Winter percussion show other 04/17/08
Chorale&ShakerDanceII.mp3 Wind Ensemble podcast 02/21/08
../files/ podcast 02/13/08
FBP-FRUITSALEFLYER-THINKSPRING.doc application/msword Falmouth Band Fruit Sale information and order form other 01/17/08
18TapestryofDreams.mp3 podcast 11/08/07
StepUpDayShow7.jpg image/pjpeg other 11/04/07
10FootprintsRhythm.mp3 audio/mpeg Rhythm only podcast 11/04/07
06BlueBossaRhythm.mp3 audio/mpeg Rhythm only podcast 11/04/07
04KillerJoeRhythm.mp3 audio/mpeg Rhythm only podcast 11/04/07
02NowsTheTimeRhythm.mp3 audio/mpeg Rhythm only podcast 11/04/07
03OntheTrail.mp3 audio/mpeg With solo podcast 11/04/07
01BilliesBounce.mp3 audio/mpeg With Solo podcast 11/04/07
Symphony Band podcast 11/01/07
18TapestryofDreams.mp3 podcast 11/01/07
band-camp-brochure-07.pdf application/pdf Information, itinerary, directions and phone numbers other 10/28/07
fhs-medical-form.pdf application/pdf Download, print and mail this form in preparation for an overnight field trip. permission form 10/28/07